Pinch Hitting An Interim Growth Catalyst (12 Point Checklist)

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Pinch Hitting An Interim Growth Catalyst (12 Point Checklist)

After 25 plus years in healthcare, I am humbled and excited to share this excerpt. Not really as a promo, but to the degree that on-demand, executive level, growth catalyst exist, and in many respects, carry an unyielding desire to bring other’s businesses to the forefront of success/prominence.

Couple this with a highly transformative healthcare economy, whereby mega trends (i.e. EHR, HIE, PHM) are giving way to spirited, innovative intentions along the lines of mobile/tele, digital, genomics, utilization, consumerism, cyber security, managed services, distributed ledger technology, patient relationship management & engagement, analytics, etc etc etc AND the game is on in terms of disruption, execution, and tactical talent usage.

Below, I present a few routine check points in terms of evaluating a successful venture with an interim growth catalyst and/or strategic growth consultant. It would be important to note that if I, too, decided to expand upon a corporate mission of sort with this specialty dynamic, would seek the same foundational elements as well.

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